It provides solutions for every obstacle facing the industry and fills the needed gap. It offers services and also facilitates communication allowing creativity to cultivate and blossom into execution.

About us

Born to fill-in the longstanding gap in the media and film industry, Felmie is an independent digital platform that strives to find solutions to the prolonged obstacles in the production cycle.
Offering the perfect platform with the necessary means of communication and services, Felmie strives to connect creative talents with contributors, funders, sponsors and key professionals in every pillar of the industry in the market, allowing their creativity to cultivate and blossom to execute new masterpieces.

Why Felmie?

Creating a hub for the media and film industry for professionals to network, communicate, showcase their experience and engage in projects.

Browse through talents and services across the Middle East.

An optimized search engine to help find exactly what’s needed in the production process.

Find ideal film locations that haven’t been seen on screen before.

Offering talents real opportunities through leading business partners in the region.

Solving the communication barrier between talents as well as companies.

Giving a chance to creative innovators to put their projects to life.


You can add your own profile, or search for a specific profile for all the aforementioned parties to easily connect them together, namely talents in various fields, from singing to acting, tv presenting, dubbing, writing...etc., or technical professionals within the entertainment industry, such as director of photography, set designer, editor, sound engineer...etc.
It also includes production companies at all stages, cultural and cinematic platforms, support and grant funds, or advertising and marketing companies operating within the entertainment industry, to advertise their services or requests and to make it easier to find for talents or professionals that are searching for them.


If you are looking for promising projects, or if you are a talented script writer who wants to add their own script and expose it to the leading producers in the region, you will definitely find what you’re looking for in this section among various kinds of projects to collaborate on (feature films, short films, tv series, tv programs, stand-up comedies...etc).


You can add or search for any services related to the industry, such as filming locations, photography equipment (cameras - microphones - lighting equipment), production accessories (cars, phones, old decorations, distinctive and historical costumes), production services (cars, security, translation), or any other commodity that may be used.

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